JetRange - A Jetcraft Range Tool

JetRange Overview

The JetRange application is designed to provide users with the ability to select and compare various Aircraft Models relating to their range and general performance characteristics.

Use the area to the left to select the Aircraft Model of interest as well as a Origin/From Airport and then click on "Display Results". If you would like to access the comparison feature please click here, or contact us at +1 919 941 8400 to receive custom reporting with more detailed specification and range information for more than 80 aircraft models.

Displaying Results will create the following tabs to the right:

  • Range Map
    Displays the range for the Model(s) selected as well as indicating the location of the selected origin airport.
  • Model Specs
    Displays a summary of general performance characteristics of the Model(s) selected including range, landing field length, weights, passengers, etc.
  • Model Name Tabs
    For each aircraft model selected a separate tab will appear. The individual model tabs will be used to display the range of the aircraft with respect to different passenger levels. (4 passengers for aircraft with ranges less than 6,000 nm) and (8 passengers for aircraft with ranges 6,000 nm or greater).
    • Minimum - (max payload with available fuel) range = Based on aircraft loaded to maximum zero fuel weight with maximum available fuel up to maximum ramp weight, less NBAA IFR fuel reserves at destination.
    • Maximum - (ferry) range = Based on BOW, required crew and full fuel, arriving at destination with NBAA IFR fuel reserves.

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